Texture, Shapes, Color& Fun. 

Abstract Calligraphy and Forgotten Cities
As an artist, I was initially influenced by Abstract Expressionism and used photography to express that influence.  This governed most of my works    especially in my early years. Later on, the “Rubber Flowers” series was the first to show the second influence, Chinese Ink Wash. The subtlety of a more monochromatic pallet fascinated me.   
With recent trips to China and Korea, I became aware of a even more subtle 
art: Calligraphy.  An art where the a simple word not only has meaning but the essence of writing it captures one's energy.  Incorporating this energy has led me to my new painting series:  Abstract Calligraphy and Forgotten Cities.
Currently, with the introduction of color, Abstract Calligraphy is my way of combining the two influences.  By combining my enthusiasm for bold colors and adding calligraphy and symbols, this had lead me to my current works.  Similar to homeopathy only the essence & energy remain.
I hope you will enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed painting them.

Monochromatic Gallery

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